Ranunculus Love Affair

This has been a weird winter... very mild overall and remarkably un-winter-like. February brought weeks with highs in the upper 70's (possibly even hit 80 a day or two) and March brought lows in the teens and with a couple inches of snow. Thankfully the ranunculus and anemone, which started blooming in late January, survived, as did the thousands of cool flowers out in the fields. 

Ranunculus have always been my favorite flower (shhh, don't tell the other flower babies) and this year most of the varieties I planted seem to have bloomed pink. I'm hoping that my 2nd succession turns out to be more true to color - - if pale yellow and cream end up blooming pink, then we may have a problem. I haven't been able to help myself from snapping hundreds of photos and simply embracing all the pink. I hope you enjoy!

xox Niki