We provide flowers to florists and floral designers across the Western North Carolina region and occasionally ship our flowers across the US. During the growing season, we update our availability list each week with photos and send a weekly reminder. We only cut to order and recommend that you order at least a week in advance. We are always adding to the list of varieties that we are growing and welcome your recommendations! 

We take pride in harvesting our flowers at the proper stage to provide you with the freshest, most-long lasting, beautiful bloom possible. We harvest flowers only in the early morning or late evening and immediately transfer them to hydrate in our walk-in cooler. We look forward to providing you with fresh, fragrant, beautiful blooms for your designs!

About shipping

Because we are committed to providing the freshest flowers possible, we ship only via FedEx Express overnight and we have secured a discounted rate of 70% off! We typically cut your order early in the morning, let the blooms hydrate and rest in the cooler for at least 10 hours, and then ship out in the evening. We ship using bouquet sponge wraps and icepacks so your flowers stay hydrated and cool in transit.

Request access to our availability list

Our availability list is updated each week and is only available for floral designers and flower shops with a valid resale tax ID. If you already have access to our current availability page, click here and you will be prompted to enter a password. We regularly deliver across Western North Carolina and the SC Upstate. 

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You must also email us a copy of your state resale license (not EIN) to gain access to our wholesale availability.