I’m nervous about using seasonal flowers - what if the flowers don’t grow and then I have no flowers for my wedding day?

  • No need to worry! We love supporting our local flower farmer friends and occasionally source flowers from across the US if something specific is not available on our farm. In the event that we need to buy flowers elsewhere, there will be no additional costs or stress passed along to you. 

Why are wedding flowers so expensive, especially from a flower farm? Aren’t you just using wildflowers or shouldn't "farm flowers" be cheaper?

  • While we do grow the majority of the flowers that we use in our designs, we still need to cover the cost of the flowers (growing them takes a lot of time and effort!) and include that in our pricing. We grow very special varieties - most of which are heirloom, fairly uncommon or higher end flowers - and only use the absolute best quality flowers. These are not your ordinary wildflowers that you see growing on the side of the road! We have many years of experience in floral design and are known for our lush, fresh arrangements. The cost of our designs reflects the high quality of our flowers and the unique, custom nature of our floral designs.

What if I want to include flowers that you don't grow on the farm?

  • While we grow an impressive array of specialty flowers, some varieties are not suited to our climate. In that case, we have the ability to order beautiful blooms from other farms locally and from across the country. For example, even though we don't grow many garden roses on our own farm, we love supporting farmer friends and sourcing these gorgeous blooms from them. Our goal is to design the wedding flowers of your dreams!

Are you different than a regular florist shop?

  • Each floral designer has a unique style of creating designs and of interacting with his/her clients. Because we are a small and intimate design studio, we provide you with lots of one on one interaction and pride ourselves in prompt, straightforward communication. We are unique in that we primarily source from our own farm or other local farms. All our designs are seasonally inspired and one of a kind. Lead designer Niki uses her love of nature to inspire lush, organic designs that blend color seamlessly. She loves adding small, unexpected accents like seasonal berries, autumn foliage and many other fun design elements.

What is the difference between full service and farmer’s choice?

  • If you are looking for beautiful bouquets, boutonnieres or centerpieces and don't desire a large amount of customization, farmer’s choice is the perfect way to go. Our pricing is transparent and it makes the planning process virtually stress free. Set up at the venue is not typically included. However if you're looking for a custom floral design plan that is full of unique and distinctive details with a specific color palette, our full service option is the way to go. This usually includes installations such as arches, arbors and long, tablescapes or designs with on-site set up.

Why do you have a minimum amount that I have to spend on floral design?

  • Because we are a small studio, we love to get to know our couples and give them our full attention and best of our blooms. We are intentional about working with couples and events that are a good fit for our specific design style. We limit the number of weddings and events that we take on each weekend so that we can actually get to you know and stay focused on your needs. 

I’m interested in Flourish flowers for my wedding day. How far in advance do I need to book?

  • We recommend booking at least 6 months and up to 1 year in advance. Because we are a small studio and only take on a select number of weddings and events per weekend, its best to get your date on the calendar as soon as you book your venue. 

What if I want to design my own wedding flowers  - can I just buy bulk buckets from the farm?

  • As as small farm and boutique design studio, we know that we cannot do it all. In an effort to focus our attention on our floral design services, we do not offer bulk buckets of flowers. However, many of our local flower friends do! We recommend that you visit WNCFlowers.com to find a flower farm who does offer bulk buckets for DIY.

Can I come by the farm to see the flowers?

  • While we wish that we were able to accommodate visitors, at this time we are not due to the busy nature of our farm and business. We are always on the go and have a very limited staff. You can find our flowers all across the area or register for one of our workshops or private sessions.

If you are interested in reading more about choosing wedding flowers, Style Me Pretty has a great blog article on the subject.