The First Week

Even though its only Wednesday, this has been a very busy first week as a full-time farmer. (I still feel like someone should pinch me - I can hardly believe that this is actually happening!) As much as I wish the weather would warm up and the ground would dry out so I can get to work outside, I know that this office time is crucial. Once I have plants in the ground, these hours of planning will quickly slip away.

Here are some of the things happening at Flourish this week:

  • Measured the fields, finished up the crop plan and the succession planting plans. If all goes well (ha!) I should have 6 different plantings by mid-summer.
  • Ordered 29,940 flower plugs, 1,190 bulbs and 160 packets of seeds. They're not all arriving at once, in case you were wondering.
  • Designed a super cute gift certificate for Valentine's Day. (Hint hint, today is the last day to order in time for V-Day!)
  • Booked 3 weddings for this summer and fall. 
  • Opened a bank account for the business.
  • Built shelves for the tiny greenhouse in my backyard. Let's see how many trays can fit into a 6x8...
  • Launched a Facebook page, and in less than 1 week received over 200 likes. 
  • Researched buckets, floral sleeves and all sorts of other necessary farm items like row covers and drip irrigation.
  • Snuggled with the pups during my afternoon tea break. 
  • And now, I am patiently awaiting the delivery of my 6 hoop houses, 90 trays for seed starting and brand new tiller. I decided to purchase new instead of used for the tiller after receiving advice from seasoned pros.

The "finished" product: A massive spreadsheet that I ended up printing out to see better, pages of notes gleaned from articles by veteran flower farmers and bags/baskets of succession plantings. 

Thanks for following along at the start of this adventure and for spreading the word about Flourish!

xoxo Niki