I have learned SO much in this first season and while there are many lessons that I learned the hard way (and don't wish to repeat!), it has been overwhelmingly successful and rewarding. Throughout the next few months I'll continue to fine-tune and adjust my vision for Flourish, but one thing is for certain... I cannot wait to take on more weddings and special events!

When I started out earlier this year, I I was absolutely certain that I wasn't going to offer wedding design. I felt like I already had my hands full with the farm side of the business and didn't want to take on more. Well I am so glad that I changed my mind and said yes to many couples this season. Designs for weddings and other special events have been one of my most favorite aspects of the business! Its such an honor to create pieces that add beauty to someone's special day.

I love everything about the process of design - being able to talk through the vision for a couple's wedding and learning their aesthetic, touring the farm with them and discussing what will be blooming on their wedding day, and then using my creativity and skills to design fresh flower arrangements, all from flowers and foliage grown on the farm.

I am SO excited to be attending a floral design master class with Kiana Underwood of Tulipina in October. Kiana is a flower goddess - seriously, check out her Instagram feed. I can't wait to bring these new skills and everything that I learn to my clients and weddings next year. 

I will only commit to one wedding or large event per weekend so that each couple will have my full, undivided attention and the absolute best of what is blooming on the farm.

I hope to work with you, or someone you know, on beautifying their special day!

Love, Niki