Snow on the farm

I LOVE snow! After spending many years living in the West, snowy winters and especially skiing are what I miss the most now that I'm in the South. But this year I found myself dreading the possibility of snow. The anxiety of cold temps, collapsed hoop houses and buried plants had me feeling just fine with a snow-free winter.

Well, we did get some snow this past weekend... and I'm happy to report that everything made it through! I added some extra layers of Agribon over the ranunculus and anemone in the hoop houses since we were expecting lows in the single digits. I knew there wasn't much to do for the field crops, except hope the snow would provide enough insulation (it did!). 

I even found a little surprise in the hoop house as I was uncovering everything... the first anemone bloom! 

Hope your snowy days are filled with sledding hills, cozy fires and warm blankets. 

xoxo Niki