private design sessions at the farm

 We're so excited to share our love of flowers and the magic happening at the farm with you! If you're looking for a more intimate, personalized experience with Flourish flowers, this opportunity is custom designed just for you. Learn and practice simple, timeless floral design skills using gorgeous locally grown flowers. Everything about the experience is customized - choose to design a bridal bouquet, lush centerpiece, boutonniere, flower crown or floral jewelry. 

This is the perfect opportunity to grab a friend and spend a magical few hours amongst the flowers! Our private sessions are simply about inspiring your creativity and learning basic floral design skills with the picturesque backdrop of a flower farm.

Private sessions are available for 1 to 4 participants between the months of April - October. We intentionally limit the size of these sessions so that you get lots of one on one coaching, feedback and attention. We provide you with a huge display of flowers to arrange with and cover everything from color palette selection to creating a balanced arrangement and all the fun details in between. This experience is completely customized to your preferences!

Private sessions are available only by appointment for a minimum of 2 hours. No prior experience necessary! 

Contact us for more details and to book your private session!

In case of severe weather, the class may be rescheduled or held at an alternate location. Attendees will be notified in advance as much as possible. All purchases are final.